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The Earth Song Alliance (ESA) needs to fundraise and receive donations, to support projects that align with our mission. For more information about ESA, please see About Us.
The donations will help launch and sustain the underlying capacity for grassroots initiatives that uplift Indigenous communities.

As a first step, we are asking that interested people make a recurring $4.00 monthly donation or $48.00 per year. We will send email updates on ongoing projects, events, and training, to you and other Allies. You may prefer a one-time donation and these are also most welcome.

The aim of ESA is to build a community whose members provide not only financial support to our causes but also want to get involved with ESA as event organizers, project developers, writers, advocates and other helpers as projects emerge.

The Elders, Board of Directors and helpers at ESA aim to keep the organization grounded in spiritual principles such as humility, compassion and transparency. In that spirit our protocol outlining the handling of donations is simple - the donations we receive will remain anonymous and confidential by both parties. No publicity.

Monthly Donations:

One-time Donations:

One-time e-transfer donation

Please include your name and email address in the message so we know who to thank!

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