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About us

Earth Song Alliance (ESA) is a recently founded not-for-profit organization. We are a dynamic partnership of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Our shared goal is to co-create projects that advance the essential contributions of Indigenous peoples for the benefit of all.

Native Drums

Centered in Canada, Earth Song Alliance works to highlight modern applications of the ecological wisdom and laws presently alive in Indigenous societies. In this way, ESA aims to impact world consciousness.

Image by John Lee

At ESA we believe these laws, perspectives, and traditions are crucial to resolve the ecological crises humanity faces today. ESA will hold an accountable space for the convergence of many Nations and their knowledge systems. We will support and help apply Indigenous sciences and ecological knowledge systems to the climate crisis of today.​

To that end, ESA members will engage in reciprocal relationships with wisdom-keepers, Elders, and community members. ESA will support projects that enable broad accessibility to clean water, secure and healthy food, and an expansive approach to education, including traditional medicines and languages.


Our Vision, Mission & Purpose

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Meet Our Team

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