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We Love You No Matter What

We are 3 Sisters from Neyaashiinigmiing who came together to develop a Grassroots Initiative for our people, our youth and our Community.


We are doing this to support our community and especially our young people who may suffer from mental health issues, homelessness or addictions. This is a way to let them know that, We Love ️You No Matter What! We want everyone to know that we care and we are here.

The funds raised will go towards the purchase of backpacks and supplies such as personal hygiene products, journals, activity books, writing and colouring materials, snacks and drinks as well as information where to seek help for addictions, mental health, homelessness or support in other areas of life.

We hand these out at our Community Fire at the end of every month to help our community mentally emotionally, physically and spiritually. We love our community and we want them to know they are not alone!

 Earth Song Alliance has partnered with We Love You No Matter What and are accepting donations on their behalf. 

To make a donation, please send an e-transfer to Or click here to donate using Paypal

Please leave a message that the donation is for,

We Love You No Matter What.

Chi Meegwetch for your Support! April Jones, JoAnne Keeshig, Sheila Robson

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